Coronavirus in spreading around the world.
The Noth of Italy has around 10,000 people infected, and deaths related to the illness are to be counted in hundreds.
Hospitals are about to be not able to cope with the numbers of patients with severe breathing problems.
Bearing in mind that Italy has one of the best public and free health systems in the world, especially in the northern regions, is not difficult to understand what can be the impact if the disease is not stopped.

After 2 months of hypothesis, days of uncertainty is quite evident that the only medicine available now comes from the same place where the virus started.
The announcement in the picture appeared nearly two weeks ago in Central Milan’s Chinatown
all the Chinese owned shops shut down together when the first red-zone was announced near Milan.

It says in Chinese and Italian more or less like this :
Announcement to all our customers.
in relation to the actual public health situation, we have decided to stop our activity in order to help our community to cope with the disease and protect everybody health. “

The Italian government is trying to avoid the total stop of every commercial and business activity excerpted from pharmacies, hospitals and supermarkets, but China example has proved without doubts that stopping any kind of not necessary activity for three or four weeks is the only vaccine available and efficient at the moment.
So if you are reading this and in your country are starting to appear Covid 19 cases, doubling every two or three days, please find the way to stop any social activity and ask your government to use the only medicine that is proved to work.
The Wuhan protocol.