STILL A LIFE for Still life photography

It is not going to be lecture because cauliflower know that anybody would accept  cabbage as a teacher.

So, if you are reading this words you just can think  they have been dropped in the net from some well manured field, and process with real haughtiness or just web hating.


But if you are still reading it could be the chance that somehow, you have some caulithinking power.


So let’s say you have just decided to become rich selling your amazing pictures online but you have very little time, you don’t have any possibility to travel to amazing countries, your best camera is you (average) phone .


then the best thing you can do is to keep it simple.

Don’t go around wondering where you can go to get the proper props but just look at things in you house .


Kitchen and fridge are good places.

If something can stay in a draw or inside the fridge, you are probably going to find a suitable background for it.


Background can be an additional problem. Photography work with perspective and colour mix (or absence of it you do black and white), so… just think about using the easiest, simplest background you can think about.

A table, your daughter desk or a wall.

Well if it is white is probably better.

People like to buy pictures to use it for their things and may be just want some clean space where to write something (but we will talk about selling cabbages at the market later or another day).


then let’s say you found the let’s find the idea.

Now I will explain how to find an idea from… nothing ….I’ll write quite simply the process but don’t worry if you don’t get it I will get back to it in every section of this digital cabbage field.


Ok you are in front of a white desk and the only thing you liked in the house wa a stone, some stings and dryed pot pourri (that dried flowers and vegs…quite scaring for a cauliflower).


Now look at the props:

they have a shape, a function, a colour, a name and if you have more than one of it , a number,

take the shape let’s say it is rounded.

Round things have a lots of properties that we normally associate to roundness.

Rounded things can roll, can look sinuos or flexuos.

Look you have already a lot of concepts in a few lines :).


Ok rounded think can roll but they are not famous for being balanced.

That is much more for squared and angle shaped things.

So if straight things are not for you and you want to try to be a litte more ironic just play with contraries.

Using thing for the opposite of what they are supposed to, works well all the times.

If a round thing cannot be balance put it in an impossible balance position and you have it.

The immage will recall the concept.


Go on.

Stones are quite inespressive.

So let’s give them an expression.


Pot porry is scaring…so make it smile.

Sticks are differents so play with differences.


Stone and stick have shapes so just combine shapes to make things you know.

Make simple things do difficult operations (maybe math )

Make math doin wrong calculations.

Let math doing math and make multiples of fews combining shapes, math, concepts and expressions…


waiting you for the nex caulithought !