PhotograPHY at Time of CORONAvirus

Just a few of weeks ago I was still planning groups visit museums or photography meetups.
Then the little big bastard came around and every one of us had to start thinking about how to avoid to meet each other.
My own way of taking pictures has always been a kind of stream of imagines coming trough my eyes during a walk in the neighbourhood

So no walks no pictures?

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Not at all.
Like any other kind of activity, a way can be found.
First of all still life.

It is not difficult to build a set at home. It is necessary just a big sheet of paper or fabric, a couple of lights and a little bit of fantasy.

So you can imagine being on a boat in the middle of a storm or to stay in front of the latest piece of contemporary art.

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But photography can also help your focus on opportunities that come in this very troublesome period.
Switching perspective is always a good way to empower creativity.
Focus on the first thing that attracts your eyes and think of what it could be.
A toilet towel can be the ocean if it is blue, then you can find out a suitable boat and imagine to sail.

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