How photo_graphy can help improving more than your instagram skills

espite of new technologies, social networks, and selphie mania photography has still the same meaning.

it comes from the greek φῶς, φωτός (light) and γραϕία (writing) (thanks to Wikipedia :)).

With the help of Instagram, Facebook, Google photo and ITunes, we can say that this literature of light and graphic writing is developing all its potential.

Passed from being an expensive hobby in the film era, or just a way to save memories of family events or important meetings (at least for normal people of course), the digital era has put a camera in the hands of millions of people. None of them would have never wasted a film frame and a print for the picture of their breakfast dish or of their latest pair of shoes.

In a few years the experience of trying to take a good picture became a daily routine, and not only for pro photographers.

Every time any of us picks up a smartphone to take a shot and share it, expose him/her self to the judgement of their public.

Here it come the writing with light.

Just to link our latest article is pretty clear that light started to work well with graphic in renaissance times, when painters learned how to use color tones to enforce perspective and volumes on their paintings.

It is not rare, speaking to anybody who is falling deeply in love with photography techniques, that he/she would say to find inspiration in paintings from that period. Lots of them had probably tried to replicate the light technique and effect of the most famous light writer in history: Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio (which is actually a small time near Milan and not the real name of the painter).

beam of light from an art craft

Ok stop with such a Caulimaster talk.

Back to us all Said it means that if you want to take a good/fine/great/timelasting/hostoryblocking picture you will have to look for two things :




Just put anything under a good light and you’ll have an acceptable picture.

If you have the skill and sensibility to mix shape and light and you’ll have a good one.

Add composition and you a saleable photo (pro – basic level)

Add an idea, a style or a concept and you are in the way of being a photographer.

That  doesn’t mean to be able to make a living out of your picture, but that you are able to express concepts, ideas and stories using one or more images.

Training this ability can help not only your photography skills but can give a burst to lots of others situations.

Hanging in the bathroom

Business making, data analysis or engineering and human relations as well (cannot tell you about vegetable interactions 🙂 )

Walking around a flower, moving up and down like a bee can transform a world famous skyscraper (Milan Bosco verticale designed from Stefano Boeri)  in a flourishing plant between flowers stems, or the reflection of the sun light trough an artwork in an artwork itself spreading around the space o the exhibition

Or just watching in front of you in the bathroom may show that the coloured towels are strangely making a nice picture.

If all that can happen why not to use it.

So we were saying something about business, and economics something that can be  applied to real world.

Being able to take a mind shift can helps to make lots of money or find a new disruptive way of solving a problem.

here comes a link you might want to study in deep for next time, when we will be talking about art, innovation and business,

The” job to be done” from Prof. Clayton Christensen (Harvard University).