THE dragon bike on tour #milandesignweek2019

the dragon bike has made its tour on the main sites of FUORISALONE2019, the design and art exhibitions that take place in Milan every year as part of #MILANDESIGNWEEK.
“Fuorisalone” is an art and design show that is spread almost everywhere in MILAN during the design week.
This year Gaetano Pesce, one of the most important Italian contemporary artist, has exhibited his last work in front of the Milan DUOMO. The DUOMO is one of the main and most famous Catholic cathedrals in ITALY, and PESCE art craft has been criticized for its strong message against violence on women. the Opera is fully covered with arrows and surrounded by heads of wild beasts.

The Tour continued to a very interesting installation situated just in front of “CASTELLO SFORZESCO”, one of the most ancient and famous historic sites of the city.

The DDN (Design Diffusion) PHUTURA event displayed a set of latest products of top Italian companies such as PRIVITERA EVENTI (leading company in setting up event locations) that created an astonishing greenhouse lounge, and E-LOUNGE of Repower designed from studio Lanzillo&Partner (see the picture below of the dragon bike resting on the wooden bike bench and bike stall ).

Last stops of the tour were in the hottest areas of the FUORISALONE, along via TORTONA and via SAVONA, where most of the art exhibitions and design expositions take place.
The CORE of the Area is SUPERSTUDIO + with its SUPERDESIGN SHOW.
the DRAGON BIKE has collected lost of the people eyes along the tour and we had the chance to explain what was the purpose of the
art craft.
ART and ideas should be between people and available to people as much as possible, and GAETANO PESCE purpose of making is pledge standing in the most central place of the town found all of our support.
AS the DRAGON bike , ideas and ART need to circulate in streets and places available to public.
Free thinking is the main block of freedom together with freedom of movement and expression, and should always be promoting peaceful confrontation of idea.
That is the main message of the DRAGON !! 🙂