The DRAGON BIKE project

THE Dragon Bike project

The DRAGON BIKE project is :

  • An ARTWORK made from scrap iron of an abandoned bike reborn into a sculpture.
  • A DESIGN project on the possibility of modifing an item with skins and wearable connectected tecnology.
  • A SUPPORT  to sustainable trasportation. The use of a bike is always under the risk of theft. The DRAGON will be looking after your bike !
  • A way of FINANCING the project. The bike contains the principles of the project but not the exact final output. The sale of the bike is going to finance the creation of a protoype of wearable security skin for bicycles.

The ARTWORK will be showing around the fuorisalone, during the 2019 DESIGN WEEK in MILAN.

Please check the location of the bike and share it if you see it


where is the bike now